NAMCOL offering old curriculum until 2022


THE Namibia College of Open Leaning (Namcol) is still offering the old curriculum until 2022. 

Learners who have lost hope of not going back to school have been urged to register with the institution.

Deputy Director of Curriculum Materials Development, Jan Nitschke, said the new curriculum will create room for the vocational education stream, which will in turn provide learners with options after school.

“Two years ago, we started with information campaigns about the phasing out of the old curriculum. You cannot forever drag on the old things. You need to move on because you now have different standards. The new grade 10 and the old grade 10 are not at the same level. The new grade 10 is now at the Senior Secondary level whereas the old one was at Junior Secondary level,” Nitschke said.

He added that although challenges will be faced this year because a lot of students enrolled at the institution, learners are encouraged enroll for their part-time studies with Namcol, as it is one of the most affordable institutions nationwide.

Namcol offers block tuition sessions, as opposed to the previous daily tuition sessions.

The Executive Director of Education, Sanet Steenkamp said that learners living in hope of returning to school will only be able to complete the Grade 12 through part-time studies and that they will have to do so within the next two years before it will also be completely phased out.

According to Steenkamp, the new curriculum has already presented new challenges because of the high failure rate of Grade 9 learners last year. She indicated that there are a lot of learners repeating the year.

The new school curriculum for junior and senior secondary schools will have learners who passed Grade 8 last year entering Grade 9. These learners will eventually sit for the Junior Secondary school examinations.

The new curriculum makes Grade 9 certificates equivalent to the current Grade 10 certificate.

Those who pass Grade 9 will now proceed to the ordinary Senior Secondary curriculum in Grade 10 with final examinations in Grade 11 for ordinary levels.

That examination would allow the learners an ordinary school-leaving certificate with which they can enroll into tertiary institutions provided they pass with required marks.

Grade 12 would be another qualification on its own, where learners who have passed Grade 11 with a C symbol in subjects would enroll for the advanced level certificate being offered in Grade 12, explained Dr Hertha Pomuti, Director of the National Institute for Educational Development (NIED).


Marthina Mutanga