Certificate in Early Childhood Development (CECD)

Duration: 18 months - NQF Level: 5


The aim of the Certificate in Early Childhood Development (CECD) Programme is to provide an opportunity and appropriate training for ECD students so that all children in Namibia at Pre-school level have access to well trained staff that offer suitable and appropriate services at ECD centres.


This programme is designed to enable students to:

  1. Improve knowledge and understanding of how to care for children in their developmental stages.
  2. Provide a safe nurturing and loving environment for the children.
  3. Use available resources constructively, creatively and effectively.
  4. Ensure national uniformity of the programme followed at the ECD centres.
  5. Understand the significance of a child’s development.
  6. Develop a lively, questioning, appreciative and creative intellect in a child.
  7. Develop a positive self-esteem through social interaction, as well as self-confidence and understanding of the world a child lives in.
  8. Provide for the child’s individual needs and aptitudes.
  9. Promote and foster the highest moral and ethical values within a child.

Who May Apply?

Educarers in the Industry and members of the general public who would like to pursue a career in this field.

  •  A Grade 12 ( 20 points in six subjects)
  • E-symbol in English


  • Grade 10 (25 points in six subjects)
  • E symbol in English
  • 3 years relevant working experience

Programme Content

The programme consists of 12 Modules:

  1. Early Childhood Development within the Namibian context 
  2. Management and Administration
  3. Hygiene and Safety
  4. Foundation of ICT Literacy 
  5. Nutrition and Health
  6. Development Areas and Stages of the Child
  7. Basic Word Processing
  8. Pedagogy
  9. Resources
  10. Learning Areas:Part A 
  11. Learning Areas:Part B
  12. Practicums 
  13. Core Course: English for General Communication

Fees for 2018

N$ 6400.00