Diploma in Early Childhood and Pre-primary Education (DECPPE)

Duration: 3 years - NQF Level: 7


The aim of the diploma is to address the critical shortage of teachers in Early Childhood Development and Pre- Primary Education who should lay a solid foundation for Lower Primary Education.

In addition, the Diploma aims to develop teachers as empowered citizens with employable skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, assertive communication and emotional intelligence to become ‘competent beginners’ in the Namibian labour force.



This programme is designed to: develop skilled, committed and flexible professionals who have the subject knowledge and pedagogical skills to promote effective and inclusive education in Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centres and Pre-Primary schools.


Who May Apply?

Anyone who has obtained the Certificate in Early Childhood Development (CECD) offered by NAMCOL or UNISA or interested members of the public who meet the requirements.

Admission Requirements

  1. NAMCOL and UNISA’s CECD or Level 5 recognised certificates in the related fields; OR
  2. Grade 12 certificate with a minimum of 22 points in five subjects and a E symbol in English.

Programme Content

The programme consists of the following modules:

  1. English for General Communication (double module)
  2. Mother Tongue Literacy and Development A
  3. Life Orientation A
  4. History, Policy and Programmes of Early Childhood Education
  5. Computer Literacy (double module)
  6. English for General Communication
  7. Child Development and Learning A
  8. Life Orientation B
  9. Computer Literacy (double module)
  10. Workplace Learning Phase 1
  11. Physical Development for ECE A
  12. Numeracy and Mathematics for ECE A
  13. Environmental Learning A
  14. Educational Resources
  15. Physical Development for ECE A
  16. Numeracy and Mathematics for ECE B
  17. Environmental Learning B
  18. Mother Tongue Literacy and Development B
  19. Workplace Learning Phase 2
  20. Physical Development for ECE B
  21. Inclusive Education A
  22. Integrated Arts A
  23. Education Management A
  24. English Second Language
  25. Inclusive Education B
  26. Integrated Arts B
  27. Education Management B
  28. Professional Development
  29. First Aid
  30. Workplace Learning Phase 3

Fees for 2018

N$ 6840.00 (year one(1) only)

NB: For year two (2) and subsiquent years, fees will be determined based on the number of subjects taken.