Diploma in Youth Development Work (DYD)

Duration: 2 year - NQF Level: 6


This programme aims to provide students with practical skills to enhance their effectiveness as youth workers. It will also prepare students as practitioners in aspects of youth education. 



  • This programme is designed to: prepare youth workers to effectively perform their duties in youth development work;
  • Equip youth workers with appropriate skills, knowledge and attitudes that would enable them to train other youth in development work;
  • Provide a firm grounding upon which entrants to the diploma programme can proceed to the Bachelor Degree in Youth Work.


Who May Apply?

DYD is particularly useful for people working with the youth, formally and informally (Churches, Communities, NGO’s, Ministry of Youth, etc.)


Admission Requirements

  • Grade 12 (22 points in five subjects)
  • E symbol in English
  • One year relevant working experience


Programme Content

The programme consists of 15 Modules:

  1. Commonwealth Values in Youth Development Work (Module 1);
  2. Young People and Society (Module 2);
  3. Working with People and their Communities (Module 4);
  4. Learning Processes (Module 6).
  5. Youth and Health (Module 12);
  6. Gender and Development (Module 5);
  7. Principles and Practice of Youth in Development Work (Module 3);
  8. Project Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (Module 8)
  9. Management Skills (Module 7);
  10. Policy Planning and Implementation (Module 9);
  11. Conflict Resolution Strategies and Skills (Module 10);
  12. Promoting Enterprise and Economic Development (Module 11).
  13. Sustainable Development (Module 13);
  14. Orphans & Vulnerable Children Programme Management and Policy Development (Module 14);
  15. Psychosocial Support of Orphans & Vulnerable Children (Module 15).

Core Course: English for General Communication

Fees for 2018

N$ 8100.00