Learner Support

NAMCOL offers the following basic package of services to all learners enrolled for JSC and NSSCO subjects:

  1. A Five-hour orientation workshop;
  2. Copy of the NAMCOL Good Study Guide;
  3. A full set of NAMCOL study guides and/or textbooks for each subject;
  4. Five hours of face-to-face tuition per week in each subject for JSC;
  5. Three hours of face-to-face tuition per week in each subject for NSSCO;
  6. Two vacation workshops every year (for those learners who cannot attend the weekly tutorial sessions);
  7. Three assignments; and
  8. Self-supervised study halls (where available).

Besides the above, learners have access to web-based reading materials www.namcol.edu.na and educational radio and television programmes on various radio and television stations. These programmes are developed with financial support from the Ministry of Education, and are screened on local TV stations and aired on national, local and community radio stations during the academic year. Schedules are made available to learners and members of the public prior to the commencement broadcasts.


Orientation Workshop: An orientation workshop is conducted at the beginning of each academic year to familiarise learners with operational procedures and the academic programme for the year.

Vacation Workshops: Vacation workshops are organised for non-contact learners. These are offered at a limited number of centres throughout the country. These workshops are organised twice a year during school holidays. 



First Workshop: 01 - 05 May 2017

Second Workshop: 23 August  - 01 September 2017


Assignments: Assignments are used to help the learners to master the subject contents, and to make a success of their studies. Learners are urged to do their best when answering assignments. Every year new assignments are prepared and learners receive these along with the study guides upon enrolment. Learners may only submit assignments for the current academic year. Assignments should be completed for every subject the learner enrolled for. 

Due dates for submission of assignments in 2016 for Secondary Education:

  • Assignment 1: 30 March 2017
  • Assignment 2: 01 June 2017
  • Assignment 3: 13 July 2017  -  3rd Assignment:(Entrepreneurship) 20 June 2017
Due dates for submission of assignments in 2016 for English Communication Course:
  • Assignment 1:  30 March 2017
  • Assignment 2:  01 June 2017
  • Assignment 3:  13 July 2017
Assignments submitted after the deadlines will not be accepted by the tutors for marking.