Certificate in Community Based Work with Children and Youth (CWCY)

Duration: 18 months Supported Open and Distance Learning (SODL) offered in collaboration with UKZN

NQF Level 4 


This certificate is offered in conjuction with REPPSI and the University of KwaZulu Natal. The certificate course is an innovative approach to professionalising community-based care for children and youth, so that vulnerable populations receive the care and support they are entitled to. The course is delivered by supported open distance
learning in ten countries in Eastern and Southern Africa.

What is the Certificate Course?

The Certificate in Community Based Work with Children and Youth aims to enhance effectiveness in working with children at risk and to give students knowledge, skills and information to study key trends, theories and approaches in working with vulnerable groups.


Who is the Certificate Course for?

Prospective students who wish to work with Children, Families and Communities (affected by HIV & Aids, Conflict, Poverty and Displacement in Africa). People working with youth, formally and informally (Church, Communities, NGO`s, Ministry of Youth, etc.).

How is the Quality Assured?

The Certificate is academically rigorous in design and is quality assured by the University of KwaZulu Natal. An independent assessment, conducted by the South African Institute for Distance Education, found that the Certificate:

  • Is an excellent example of a well-designed distance education access programme.
  • Offers an innovative learning and teaching model that combines learning materials, supported by trained mentors and continuous assessment.


Why Is The Certificate Course Important?

Our graduates are professionalising the field of community-based childcare and mainstreaming child protection, psychosocial support and community mobilisation principles into their work. Many graduates have moved from voluntary positions to paid staff as a result of their qualification. The importance of the course is reflected in the commitment of the mentors and students, some of whom travel long distances to attend group study sessions.

How Can I Support The Certificate Course?

If you are a government, company or organisation, we invite you to provide sponsorship for selected applicants. If you are an organisation working with vulnerable children and youth, you can sponsor staff or partners to enroll for the Certificate. This will build your organisation’s capacity to provide improved, professionalised services to children.

How Is The Certificate Delivered?

The Certificate is an 18-month course, containing 6 modules.It is a supported distance learning certificate, meaning that students study while continuing to work. Students meet at least once every three weeks for a facilitated discussion in which they share learning and write a pop quiz. They submit two assignments and write a 3-hour examination for each module. The course builds upon the students’ previous experiences and encourages application of learning in practice.

Programme Content


Admission Requirements

  • Grade 12 certificate(20 points in six subjects)
  • E symbol in English
  • One year relevant working experience


  • Grade 10 certificate(25 points in six subjects)
  • E symbol in English
  • 3 year relevant working experience


Who is Repssi?

REPSSI is a non-profit organisation working to lessen the devastating social and emotional impact of poverty, conflict,HIV and AIDS among children and youth. Our aim is to ensure that all children have access to quality emotional and social (psychosocial) support.
We work in 13 countries of Eastern and Southern Africa, partnering with governments, development partners and NGOs. With our assistance these partners strengthen communities and NGOs. With our assistance these partners strengthen communities’ and families’ ability to care for their children. Three million children are currently being
reached by REPSSI partners.

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