Plumbing and Pipefitting


The Plumbing and Pipefitting programme aims to introduce and acquaint trainees to skill development in plumbing installation, water supplies, waste systems and plumbing fixtures. 

Trainees are expected to master and demonstrate knowledge and skills pertaining to the following: 

  • Application of safety rules and regulations in plumbing operations
  • Use and maintain hand tools, handling and storage of plumbing materials
  • Plan and organise plumbing work
  • Perform soft soldering operations
  • Perform basic sheet metal work
  • Work safely on scaffolding, work platforms and ladders
  • Perform basic pipe-work
  • Carry out basic maintenance of domestic plumbing installation
  • Apply basic manual metal arc welding techniques
  • Perform calculations related to plumbing operations
  • Apply basic oxy-acetylene welding techniques
  • Instal and fit sanitary fixtures as part of plumbing operations
  • Erect and dismantle scaffolding as part of plumbing operations
  • Develop innovative ideas for the plumbing workplace, etc. 

Other disciplines include: 

HIV and Aids awareness,   numeracy and communication skills and Entrepreneurship.  

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