Post Graduate Diploma in Open School Operation and Management


Aim: 2 Years

This post graduate programme will prepare administrators, support staff and faculty to effectively plan and manage the day to day operations of an Open School using a variety of delivery technologies and pedagogical methods.
NQF Level 8


Upon completion of the Open School Operation and Management Graduate Programme, participants will be able to:
  • Examine the historical development of the ODL approach and its philosophical and theoretical underpinnings.
  • Examine the foundations and best practices of ODL and the Open School methods.
  • Design and develop ODL learning materials using a variety of sources including OER.
  • Deliver ODL courses to Open School learners.
  • Employ a wide variety of media/ICT technologies and social media tools needed to support Open School learners.
  • Support and manage an Open School environment, faculty and support staff.
  • Create policies and guidelines to govern Open School systems.
  • Demonstrate the habits of reflective practice as part of a process of continuing professional development.


Who May Apply:

The target audience for this programme are professionals engaged in the day to day operation and management of Open Schools throughout the developing world. This can include, but is not limited to:
  • ODL Programme Coordinators.
  • Academic Facilitators/Instructors.
  • Open School Administrators/Managers.
  • Student Support Personnel.
  • Curriculum/Instructional Designers.
  • ODL Technology Support Personnel.
  • ODL Tutors/Mentors.
  • ODL Programme Evaluators.
  • Ministry professionals guiding the implementation and management of Open School policies and regulations.
  • Consultants supporting Open School/ODL clients.



• Any relevant recognised qualification at level 7 OR Open Distance Learning (ODL) practitioners with a level 6 qualification plus 3 years relevant experience.